"I Do" Good

Therese Cole Hubbs, Founder and Creative Director of Electric Karma International, is proud to be a part of an important foundation called “I do” Good as one of the founders. This foundation works towards providing clean water in India to people that are not able to provide fresh water to their families. Many children who once had to drink water from rivers and lakes now have the option to drink clean water from wells dug out by the “I do” Good charity.

A portion of each of our weddings goes to digging out wells, which will bring clean water to the communities in need. In fact, in lieu of favors, many our brides choose to contribute to these organizations! 

“To be a part of such an incredible cause feels very fulfilling for all of us involved “I do” Good. I think it is very important for us to recognize the difference in life styles between both countries, have the ability to do something about it and make a change in someone else’s life for the better. Our team at Electric Karma is proud to be apart of such a charitable cause!” Hubbs said. 

Call us to find out how you can contribute to this charitable cause! 


I Do Good